Help needed! Problem with Rhodes patch

Guys, I need some help with the Rhodes48 patch by @chkbeto! This is one of my favorite patches and it’s the basis for a lot of songs I’ve been writing, but there’s one little annoying problem that I need to fix in order to be able to record it: whenever I play a new note while the previous one is still playing, there is a small clicking/percussive sound. If I play a succession of “fast” notes it gets quite annoying! It disappears if I reduce the sample length so that the notes don’t overlap, but that doesn’t work for my purposes.

Here’s an example:

Does anyone if it’s possible to fix this?

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That happens with samplers when you reactivate a sample voice (any one particular note) before it has completed its cycle. You can fix this sometimes by having a very short bit of attack or decay (fade in or out) on the sample. Issue is I don’t think this patch has an Attack function if i remember correctly. There’s a few sampler based patches for organelle which could benefit from a bit of an envelope. I’d like to stick one on count2five and moprhagenemidi - two of my fave patches.

Damn… :frowning: originally it doesn’t have an attack function, no. Do you think it’s possible to implement one?

Gotta be fairly easy to someone literate but I am still pd-dumdum so a bit useless, hopefully shree’s tutorials might help us.

Same here! :confused:

@shreeswifty: is this something that you could solve? if so, send me a PM with the cost, I’d be more than willing to pay to have it fixed.

yes i can fix it
please go to the patreon and join

I had a similar issue with the piano48 patch, I edited the ‘sampler-voice’ subpatch to quickly decay to 0 before triggering a note, which seems to get rid of the clicking. You can try replacing sampler-voice.pd with this one.
sampler-voice.pd (3.9 KB)


Totally fixed it! Nice job man, cheers :smile: