Help! swapped out OS

Hey Guys, i swapped out the OS micro SD for experimental purpose…aaand now it’s destroyed.

Where can i find an SD Image of the whole System without doing too much in Linux!?? :))
just out of the box installment. it doesn’t work to copy it to the SD card again

Thank you so much for Info

Oh no! You can download an image of the SD card here:

It is a big file, 3.8GB. Unfortunately there is no easy way to burn it onto the SD card without using the command line. Do you have a Mac? Below are some instructions for doing this in OSX. Please proceed only if you are comfortable doing so, the dd command can do some serious damage if you type in the wrong disk name for example. :slight_smile:

Could you help me get a new card because I could install the program?
mi correo electronico es

There is a new program available to flash an SD card for the Organelle. You need to first download the disk image:

And then you can use this program to flash the image onto the SD card:


the installation was successful but the usb does not work

I can not use the patches

how does it not work? no patches show up? you should verify your USB drive (patches must be in Patches folder). also you could reformat the drive.

cant seem to be able to burn this, am using the image file above and Etcher to flash it no joy i am using windows which might be a hiderance

Flashing the SD card right? does it give any errors or anything?

nothing, the card works when i put another image on it just not 20170622-v2.1

did you check the SHA of 20170622-v2.1.img? might have got corrupted. It should be this:

you can use the openssl command (on a Mac at least):

openssl sha1 /path/to/20170622-v2.1.img

replace “path/to” with path of the folder containing 20170622-v2.1.img.

So the v1.1 image works? you could also use that and run the update patch to bring it to 2.1:

(3rd one down)

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cheers the sha1 all look fine but non of the images are readable

help ! i plugged in my sd card and it says I need to format it before I can read it (??)

you mean it says this on your desktop computer? if so this is normal.
if you are trying to reinstall the OS, then you need to use something like Etcher