HID object

Could anyone point me to a complied HID object for Mac OSX please?. I need it to find out my joystick manufacturer and model codes. All copies of the HID object I found need to be compiled…

Usually you dont need any number, the HID object in Hans Steiner library (Hcs ) allows you to identify your joystick. Install the library via decken or just use Pd-extended for that purpose.

Thank you. Just installed the HCS library (Deken on MacOS) and there is no HID object included. I went to another repository to download it, and the README says HID is a “to do” project.

download pd-extended then, it has it included.

Is that still available? I thought it was discountinued.

I am a PD noob. Have been one for the last 10 years or so :slight_smile: I also cannot compile PD objects because I simply can’t :smiley:

Just download this patch and adapt ir for your gamepad:

For adapting it to your needs check this video:

I just did it with my Gravis Joystick and its working great. I want to experiment with it, here’s a quick video controlling the tuning and glide with the tilt function (axis x and y) and sending midi notes with the buttons on a simple oscillator :

Joystick and Organelle Test.mp4.zip (2.8 MB)

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So after being busy/lazy with other projects and ideas, I am finally back at this. Thank you for pointing me to this patch. However, I cannot get it to recognize my joystick, a Logitech Extreme 3D. It does not get listed when I ask the hid object to list the devices. I know the joystick works, having tested it on my computer. What am I doing wrong. Could it be because the joystick is 15 years old and may not be plug and play? I don’t remember having to download a driver for it.