Ho to do wave and smoke like animations

I am looking for some basic ideas how to do animations which look like waves or smoke. As an example have a look at the video for the Sephan Bodzin Track Singularity beginning with 4:40:

(you have to view it on youtube, becaus the net made of small dots disappears in the small display mode in the forum).

I think that should be doable with the ETC.

There is some randomness in it, but it is smoothed. Like in a modular synth the glide works on a random voltage. Any ideas?


I’ve got absolutely no idea I am afraid but thanks for sharing - absolutely hypnotic.

that’s a cool effect :slight_smile:

no idea, as you say, too me looks like the dots aren’t moved randomly, but rather there are ‘forces’ applied, which perhaps are being modulated randomly, something like gravity points being moved around… but that really just a possible idea.

also i wondered early on, if it had a bit of an optical illusion to it, a kind of interference pattern caused by the close dots … but that might be because i watch it on a laptop :wink:

its quite a lot of points to be calculating per frame though, so i think you’d have to scale that back for the etc, but probably the overall effect could remain.

but perhaps this is one of those things, where there is a ‘trick’ behind it, where it looks more complex than it is.

hmm, sure there must be some info out there on how to smoke in computer graphics.

I’ve not a clue, but this seems like it could be helpful: Pygame physics simulation (Tutorial)