How hard would it be to add start/end points to Overloop (or a fixed loop time)?

I’m interested in PD but still totally new, so I’m curious to hear from more experienced people on this. I like C&G’s Overloop patch but had a couple ideas for modifications that would make it waaay more functional/smooth for what I’m hoping to do. Any idea how doable it might be to make the following modifications to the patch?

  1. Add selectable start and end points for the loop (perhaps with knobs 3 and 4, instead of the delay?). This would allow you to (a) adjust a rhythmic loop slightly if your stop-recording tap was a little off and (b) play around with different start-end points to find cool loops within a longer loop (something many people do while experimenting on samplers/DAWs).

  2. Add the ability to lock the loop length, so that overdubs don’t change the length of the loop. I love that Overloop lets you change the length of the loop, but it would be cool if this were an option too. It would make the patch behave more like a traditional loop pedal (loop pedals generally set the length of the loop with the first recording, and subsequent overdubs are just added to that without changing the length). This would allow you to (a) quickly overdub to a rhythmic loop without having to get the timing perfect every time you add something, and (b) punch in and out of recording to add shorter bits to a longer loop freely.

Any thoughts on how doable one or both of these might be? Or anyone know of a looper that does one of these things? Thanks in advance for any advice!