How to get pitchbend to work with picopd.json

Anyone, (not just Mark H who has been sooooooooo helpful)

I have my pico working carefully following Technobear’s instructions from the
MEC query thread. Pay close attention to moving the eigenharp rules file,
making the system read write 1st. Then rerunning the rules file you’ve moved.

What I got. 2 courses of chromatic scale in brds. 18 keys so an octave plus
6 extra notes. Great velocity sensitivity. Works with all the synths etc.
Fun to fiddle with finally!

Question: How do I get pitch bend to work with either x or y movement on the pico keys? Midi Learn? Edit the .json or Pd file? Use the old brds MPE patch with the easter egg module? Thanx in advance folks!
ps -anyway to get the pico’s ribbon controller to work?