Huge MIDI bug

I ve tried some midi routing with my organelle M
And since Two days the internal midi has gone crazy ?!
I cant use most of the patches anymore
How can I reboot all the machine please?


Undo what you did…
Seems like maybe you created a midi loop.
I guess you figured out already how to reboot. What could be helpful is to find the midi config file to modify to stop the strange behavior.
It could be useful to know which Organelle and OS do you have and also What do you mean with ‘internal midi’.

Could you be a bit more specific? Did you try to modify the pd-opts.txt or add a to have multiple MIDI controllers?

What version OS are you running (Settings → Info, scroll to bottom)? There was problem with the very first Organelle M OS that created a MIDI loop. That was in 2019, but if you got it used, it could have an old OS.

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