I Take Up patch problem

We noticed a bug in the I Take Up patch. It was buzzing after a short time recording. This is fixed now, so anyone who already installed it should download a fresh one on the patch page:


The loops each have a 20 second record time.

This patch looks great. One of the things that made me finally pull the trigger. Excited to mess with it :slight_smile:

Is it monophonic patch? Looks cool either way but a poly version would be amazing for soundscape/noise/ambient. Even limited to only a few voices if cpu an issue.

It is mono… It could be poly, although with the recycle knob, sound stacks up pretty quickly anyway. mostly it is an interface question… each key toggles one loop on and off, so in poly it might be hard to keep track of which ones are playing, so maybe they are one-shot style (no loop) or some mechanism to stop them all…

Mono still looks very interesting :slight_smile:

Yeah those poly options you mention both sound like they’d work out. I’d probably even be OK just mentally keeping track of what’s playing and each key just be a toggle to start/stop itself? But yeah, would love to see you guys bring out a poly version no matter how you decided to work it :wink: