Incorrect USB port orientation

Just wanted to make you aware that the orientation of the USB ports is incorrect. I hope you can fix it in the next version of the Organelle.

The USB 3.1 Legacy Cable and Connector Revision 1.0 document instructs:

USB 3.1 receptacles should be orientated to allow the Icon on the plug to be visible during the mating process.

However, this is exactly not the case for the Organelle :disappointed:.

Loopop even goes so far to say that only “evil companies” do it differently :joy:(

No matter how you orientate the connector, 99% of the people will get it right just after the third attempt of plugging…
I’m pretty sure C&G are aware of this but there are other advantages to mount the connector reversed. like having all parts mounted just in one side of the pcb, aesthetics of the Usb drive, costs / space savings, Being different to the rest, etc…
I owned an op-1 and it had a reversed usb-mini connector that was even more noticeable… (but perfectly fine…)

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It looks ok to me nowadays with the rest of the world being upside down

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