Infinite Jets Emulation UPDATE


Dang @shreeswifty this patch is so good dude! Spits out fully arranged beddings/ideas for songs every time I use it. Amazing work :slight_smile:

How’s the cpu hit on it? Thinking about making my first big PD goal to work toward as adding an extra page that when that page is active I can transpose the output live via the keys. Poss with that page’s aux being a basic sequencer. Would that be feasible in terms of Cpu grunt? Don’t wanna work toward something that’s never gonna happen :wink:


i left a menu for pitch shifting/ glitch sequencing but honestly after grappling with it for 3 weeks i wanted to get something onto the organelle and into the community. When i was in Grad School in DSP courses we often had to listen to tracks: Chowning [FM], Truax [Granular], Risset [SUD] and had to identify what was going on in the piece and playing WITH It for a few weeks i was able to model it a little more clearly [even though it’s an audio blurring tool] The main advantage i found was in the recompilation of the spectral delay line i was using and the evolving audio sampling, this took the stress off the CPU so i am going to try the/ Sequencer/note input.

I think what would be really cool would be a multiple function footswitch button and/or the Expression pedal. i really wish i had one that had an on/off and the 0-127 exp function


Yeah main outs pitchshift and some sequencing/automation for the glitch would be amazing. The glitch section kinda confuses me, like I can get it to glitch but only when I’m manually tweaking params (seq start & seq scale) and then it’ll glitch but only briefly. If I’m not tweaking then it’s kind of like a drone. Not sure if I’m missing a trick?

Also couple other questions after spending more time with it -

What are the wet/dry and drive in page 2? I’ve not yet found a situation where they’re audibly affecting something.

Is the monitor level automatically reduced after I use sampler 1? Finding it difficult to monitor/play over the top after I sample.

Also seems difficult to get much going on without using sampler 1 or 2. Like in the infinite jets vids I feel like I remember seeing audio pass thru doing some weird shit via envelope follower and glitch etc… or something. I can’t seem to get much going on. Some cool washy stuff or weird delays but nothing suuuuper weird. After I sample something that stuff becomes really easy to dig in to. Maybe I just misunderstood some of the functionality. Either way it’s not a big deal, so much depth to the patch and what it does, beyond impressed. Just wanna try and not miss any tricks if I’m just not dialling stuff in right.

Any insight on routing? Seems like sampler 2 is panned mono centre and goes through the page 2 delay which is modulated by page 1 lfo? With sampler 1 kind of bypassing a lot of the mangling and being spread left and right. Still figuring out all the interactions though. There’s so many options for sound design/inspiration with this patch, digging it a LOT, so every time I think ‘right I’ll sit and figure this out’ I wind up down a wormhole and just jamming/forgetting to make note of each tweak>result. I’ll figure it out eventually :slight_smile:


it’s not really that kind of a sampler you “play over” it’s an effect.


play with the rates and yes you set the glitch values and sweep them to get a glitch(y) sound then they kind of do what they should. Also try to remember this is not a set all four effects and expect it to work, it’s an emulation so you set ONE effect and play with it

The device itself has modes you switch too. not all of the effects together, i think that is the danger of it being in Pd people think all things should work at the same time

i hope this help you


Thanks man, helps a lot :slight_smile: Yeah seeing all params available simultaneously I’ve been trying to get as wild as I can with em. To be honest that approach has actually been working out pretty great, haha. Just had those few questions as I never used the pedal and some behaviors seem different to a few vids I checked out where people were using it as a real time fx/layer/freeze as much as a sampler/feedback mangle thing. Different is fine tho, it’s cool that it’s its own thing :slight_smile:


i think i should adjust the Foot Switch so it does more. I am definitely going to tweak the PitchShifter [like add one hahah]
when i get the Red Pander done today


Here is the UPDATE for Infinite_Jets

It has Pitch Shifting -2/+2 on page 7

you can dial it in and/or step though octaves with the AUX7

Tape Heads 1 tape head or two has been moved to Aux8


Noob question - I don’t see any pages except the first in the V2 IJ or the Red Pander - am I missing a dependency file or something? I’m on latest OS and all other patches with pages work fine. Cheers!!


i am pretty sure your missing something as many users are already using this patch without issue

I’ll look today and see what files they need but i am pretty sure all are included inside the folder


Thanks for quick reply - I figured out I had the legacy mother file - updated and working now!


glad you solved it so quickly!

enjoy the patches

IJ will get a new version in January




Link me to the place where I send encouragement/thanks.