Invisible City

Hi there,

I’m looking for someone that may could fix this wonderful patch here: (done by shreeswifty). My PD knowledge for is veeery limited, so doing by this myself is not an option :wink: :wink:.

It’s a shame, that this patch didn’t receive more attention (only 4 :heart: :heart:? come on! :slight_smile: ) because this one is such a powerful and versatile patch. One of the most interesting out there.
But: There are quite a few bugs in it (naming of parameters disappear if you flip the pages, etc. etc…) which makes it “a bit” difficult to handle live and in the studio as well… The patch was modified 3 years ago, but nothing happened since then… maybe no one is remembering this one and it got lost in the deep of patchstorage, forgotten by it’s creator as well. :smile: :smile:

So anyway, If there’s anybody out there who might be able to fix it – this would be awesome!!!
This patch would be a gain to every organelle user.


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