iPad as a keyboard / mouse for Organelle with WiFi?

Is there a way to make it happen?

Don’t have any keyboard or mouse available here and if I could spare some cash using the iPad as a replacement for a keyboard and mouse, that would be highly convenient! :smiley:

Anyone here knows if that would be possible?

technically - yes, if you have wifi you could use a remote X or VNC session
(you cannot do this over USB, as computer and organelle are both USB hosts, and other issues :wink: )

but this is not a supported option, so you’d have to hack it together yourself.
Ive given some details on this thread

the rest is a matter of just getting an iPad app to do X or VNC

(sorry I don’t have a decent iPad anymore so cant help much further )

how practical it is, is another matter, id say even an iPad pro is a pretty small display to be doing any pure data patching on … and fiddly with a virtual keyboard. (and PD is not great with a touch interface!)
honestly, your probably better off doing remote sessions with a desktop/laption.

note: this virtual connection will only work once X is started etc, so its no good for real low level stuff , so depends what you want. but I mainly use remote sessions with the Organelle so its good for that.