Is there a bag/case for the Organelle available?

Just temporary but the Organelle fits perfectly in this .50 cal ammo can. There’s enough room for the synth, a BOSS VE-20, both of their power supplies and a power strip. You can find ammo cans online for pretty cheap. Eventually my Organelle is going to end up on some kind of board for touring but this will work well going back and forth between rehearsal in the meantime.


@p_mandrake Yes!!!

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I just found this at the local charity shop


For those of us in Australia I found this is the perfect size

For those of us that live in the UK - Maplin also do a small flight case with pre-perforated foam insert. The product code is N50FU - Small Flight Case With Foam Interior - £14.99. It’s very easy to remove the bits of foam you want with your fingers. You’ll have to use a knife though to reduce the height of the piece you removed before putting it back in as the bottom cushioning (if that makes any sense…).

As you can see - the Organelle fits in the case very nicely! Along with any power supply, wires, etc you may care to carry with it. I have yet to decide what to do with the area of foam in the top right hand corner. Probably use it for the USB MIDI interface…


Hello Everyone my name is Anthony and I’ve been building critter & guitari cases!


Awesome! Totally need an organelle box. Ive got some tung oil in the mail! I have like 4 enclosures I need to design + build for synths still…

What kind of foam is above the knobs?

Really digging the triangles and colors

Hello everyone, Ive been designing these cases for the organelle and other small synths for the last 8 months. I used the VUTEk printer for uv printing onto the wood permeantly and then cutting them out on a CNC router called a shop bot. The foam is a durable packing material on top keeps the organelle in place and the 3/8 in wood birch is strong with a rabbet joint holding as much glue to each wall surface. I always put my synth the left side in to not bump the USB insert, then the the charger fits on the right side. Ive just sold out of the porto types & this is the first batch up for sale to the public. if u want to see a video u can go to aisforanythingmusic on instagram. if u would like to purchase one of the case email me at . price is 80$. All the feedback I’ve been getting has been great! Thanks Critter and Guitari for being so supportive of my vision for the beautiful instruments u build!

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A soft packing foam made for puppet constrution and packing expensive items through the mail i guess. i also think it comes in a few different colors?

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I stuff mine in my OP-1 case for carrying round on its own. Velcro’d into my big synth board for live shows.

That’s cool

we need one!!!

hey hit me up
I’ll trade you for some patches or something!


Sorry for the delay. I can’t trade just for patches because they take a good few bucks to produce.

I am not following your reasoning but thanks for the reply!

I’m actually going to be making one. My dad and I have done quite a bit of woodwork together. Currently I’m looking for some nice burl wood to make mine out of. Just planned to make it to the same dimensions as the box it came in, that way it will fit the foam that originally surrounded it as well.
I’ll try to post some photos when I finish it!

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Shree I’d be happy to make one for ya!


I ended up with a blip case. Larger but not overwhelmingly so. Like it a lot!

The simplest ideas are the best! :+1:

I’m a pretty simple man. So it works out. :laughing: