Is there a speed limit on midi CC coming into the Organelle M?

I want to be able to control my patch via external midi CC. So I set up:

[ctlin 1 1]
[/ 127]
[s p1k1]

Then I send some CC values from Ableton via midi cable into the trs-input but A LOT of the information is getting lost. So the resault is a very choppy / glitchy experience. Is there some sort of buffer overload, speedlimit or something on the Organelle M input?

Any idea how I can fix this? It would be great if midi cc on the input could be able to control all the pxkx-values and I could draw animations in Ableton etc.

Btw. I have put the midi in midi settings to disable but it didn’t make a difference.

Btw. 2. This also happens if I route the midi directly to a parameter like frequency of an oscillator.

Edit: Midi notes is working perfectly. I set up
[notein 2]
and it is working with great speed.

Bump @chrisk @oweno :slight_smile: ?

Hmm, this sounds strange… MIDI is pretty low bandwidth, so I wouldn’t expect it to choke up like this.

Is it possible to slow the transmission of the CC messages on the Ableton side to see if that changes anything?

Are you able to test over USB MIDI? Do you have the same problem? It might be specifically related to the TRS MIDI implementation.

This seems to be the case. I did a test now both with an usb midi interface and with the trs:

The Max patch that was generating the midi:

Organelle with trs midi:

Organelle with usb midi:

If i set the metronome to 500ms I get every other message:

So my conclusion have to be that when using the Organelle M with trs midi notes happen at full speed but CC is only updated once a second.

Great to know that we can do it over usb, but do you think there is a fix to this? The midi in ports would be SO great to use since the Organelle only has two usb ports and using a hub kind of goes against the idea of the portable battery powered super device :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing this test. Yes it looks like something is not right with the TRS side of things, but I’ve never seen it like this! We will see if we can reproduce this and find out what is going on.

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