Jamuary 2022

It’s that magical time of year again - full of January, a pun, and music!
Thought it might be fun to have a topic where everyone could post their Jamuary creations :fireworks: :sparkler:

To start it off, here’s a K-Loop & Electric Guitar jam:

Looking forward to y’all’s jams!


Here’s another one:

(but maybe Jamuary is not cool, or maybe it never was :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grimacing: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :hole: lol.)


Quick Demo of the fantastic new Snowgrains patch from @KristofferLislegaard!

More information on this patch:

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Jamuary is mostly fun with other people!

This is C-minor. 120BPM. Solo Organelle M using the Koto module for Orac and some Orac delay.

Nobody picked up the challenge? Well, no matter. I continue regardless, #siempresolo :wink:

Finishing #Jamuary with a slow contemplative '80s-inspired groove. Polyend Tracker delivers MIDI sequencing, a fat wavetable bass, and drums. Organelle M delivers the lead and lush evolving atmospherics done with ORAC’s Macrosynth and Clouds.

Late to the game but still in time:

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Jamuary 2023 is here - :partying_face: !

We did the classic Microphone Pendulum technique using our new mic here:


Had to try out the new Memory-5 patch by jackprime!


It’s no longer January or 2022 anymore, but here’s another jam:

It’s a circuit from Nicolas Collins’ book Handmade Electronic Music recorded with our Microphone

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