Just a couple of questions


Absolutely loving the Organelle, it’s had a wonderful effect on my music. I just have a few questions as i’m brand new to pure data and the organelle itself:

When running through Ableton or Logic i can see some slight constant noise on the channel meter, i can EQ this out but is it supposed to be there? I wonder if my uk power adapter could be a cause?

Also I recently downloaded the ApolloTone synth patch by WyardAl, when I select Save or Save New ApolloTone is unaffected and does not recall my settings. Save works for all other patches so I wondered how I might rectify this?

Finally, I have installed several synth patches from Patch Storage. Some patches that are more CPU hungry do not respond when I turn certain knobs, some eventually respond after several fast turns but others do not. Is this a CPU related issue? Or maybe bugs within the patches themselves? It isnt an issue for writing at home but it would be an obstacle in a live situation.

Any suggestions direction anybody has would be much appreciated. Keep doing what you’re doing Critter and Guitari x

Hmm I don’t have the hardware yet so I haven’t used save/load. That may be due to how the patch works, the first time it gets a knob value it doesn’t know the size of the files so it only loads the first item. I’ve changed it to does an initial load on startup in the attached version, let me know if this works for you.
ApolloTone-1.01.zip (103.3 KB)


Thanks for getting back to me man, its nice to see such a community online. I’ll have to try tomorrow morning but I will let you know. Thanks for the support