Key presses mistakenly controlling multiple orac modules at once

I’m playing around with some new combinations of Orac modules and getting some unexpected behavior, basically the main keys on the Organelle controlling not only the selected module but another one in the chain.

The combination I just tested is: berryloops > overloop > berryloops > capture

Several times when I had overloop selected, pushing a key (e.g., the low C key) would trigger the expected action in overloop (start or stop loop stored in that key) and also affect the later instance of berryloops (starting playback of the first loop). This happened consistently with all the keys I tried. The first instance of berryloops was not affected in this way.

Has anyone experienced this kind of issue in Orac? Does it seem like something specific to berryloops or something more general?

Thanks for any help!

You should check the ‘Note Thru’ parameter for each slot on the router module, it controls if incoming midi notes are passed to the next module.

Oh wow, that sounds like a biggie I was overlooking… still getting a hang of orac. Thank you for pointing that out, and thank you for making berryloops! I absolutely love how you adapted and modified that patch.

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