Key Release

I’m attempting to convert a patch over to Organelle from PD-Extended. However each time I release a key it plays a second time. What command should I use to prevent this?
I tried the [stripnote] command but had no luck. I’ve also been told the [change] object might work?
If anyone could elaborate I would appreciate it.

My Children Of The Sample patch does this, although it’s intermittent - could be related?

can you post a picture or link to the patch?

This is really all I can find on the guys of it. It’s from pd-extended and I’ve never messed with something like that little box. So I was just going to leave it. I don’t know much pd so the conversion is gonna be a little messier than most. Still, it’s a pretty neat sounding patch!

stripnote needs to be before the num box
( which I’d assume is turning the notes list into a single number , hence why it’s doing for both note on and off)

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Just tried it and worked like a charm. It’s odd though. I tried placing it before the number first originally. And it didn’t work. Then again, I may have forgotten to save and reload the patch.
Either way. Thanks!