Knob numbers

hey i am having a senior moment
i have a patch that has a parameter that is -2400/2400 cents and i want 0 to be 12 o’clock
i know we solved this before can someone remind me, i can’t recall the patch i solved this in
I have been up all night with a bug and my brain is cloudy

a little help?


do you want 0 to 12 o clock to be the entire -2400-2400 range? [f] [* 9600] [min or max 4800] [- 2400]

no 12 o’clock is zero O = -1200 1 = 1200


So you just want [f] [* 2400] [- 1200]? Then 0 is 12 o clock and left is negative and right is positive.

i thought i had that but i may have a typo

Thank you!