Knobs Assignments Mismatched

Hello, I just bought an organelle this week from another local musician. One issue I noticed playing around with it so far is that the knobs aren’t matched to their corresponding properties. For example when I turn knob 2 it adjusts the 4th property for a patch, and the first knob seems to control the volume. Does anyone know how these knob assignments could be set back to default?


thats very weird… there is no ‘global assignment’ of knob to properties - this is all done in the patch.
and its kind of an odd thing to be hardware fault.

first thing to do is to narrow down the problem, and first step is to not use ‘3rd party patches’, just use the patches supplied by C&G which we know have no issues.

  • does this happen on all patches?

  • try on C&G ‘basic poly’ patch
    does it happen on this patch? (we know this works fine)

  • USB stick
    if he supplied the stick with the Organelle, and you are using as supplied.
    Id be tempted to to format it (FAT32) and then put the factory patches back on it.
    (the reason is its possible to override the default mother.pd which is partially responsible for mapping hardware knobs - and while this would be an odd thing to do - who knows what the previous owner did and why :slight_smile: )

  • which versions of Organelle OS are you using? (3.1 is latest)
    whilst the version should not make any different to something this basic, if the previous owner was ‘messing’ about with it, he might have done something weird. so I would re-install the latest OS just to be sure.

  • testing
    what you can also do to ‘test’ is, if you connect the organelle to a monitor/tv via hdmi, and keyboard/mouse, you can run the PD patch on the TV/monitor - then if you look at the ‘mother.pd’ you can see a graphical representation of the knobs, it would be interesting to see if these are incorrectly mapped.

anyway , hopefully that gives you a few things to try. let us know how you get on.

Thanks for the troubleshooting support!

I managed to get in touch with the previous owner and they said it was an issue they would see rarely and it would be resolved by just restarting the organelle. Powering up the device again today it seems to be working as expected again, so at least I have a way to work around the issue if I see it again now.

I don’t believe the previous owner tweaked anything global, and it’s running on 3.1. The device is #492 so I think it’s part of the first generation, might be a quirk of that model? I know the keys are having the sticky issue which I’ve already messaged C&G about.

Anyhow, if I make any discoveries about what specific conditions lead to this mixup I’ll update here. In the mean time I’m looking forward to experimenting with sounds and imagining new patches to try to create.


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