Latency problem with sigmund~

I’ve recently been playing with sigmund~ for mapping guitar input to synth output and I’ve had some good success. I modified the Nori Sampler patch to be controlled by sigmund~ note input to play different organ samples, but i’m getting a really bad delay that makes the patch useless in any real musical setting right now.

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts as to why this might be happening, and if its something that could be easily fixed. (i attached the patch for anyone who’s interested).


Guitar (1.8 MB)

if you are using sigmund~ from pd extended that’s probably the problem, needs to be re-compiled for arch/neon

I’m pretty sure its not any problem like that, because i have another patch running sigmund~ that runs perfectly, but that one is using the pitch output instead of the note output. What i really need is a way to get a one-time bang for each note attack (but all the methods i’ve tried have had too much delay)

never mind i solved my own question by using “change” to detect a change in amplitude