Leap Motion + Organelle?

Hey everyone ! First time posting here, but reader/Organelle user for about a year now.

Did someone here ever experienced with connecting a Leap Motion or a Kinect to control the Organelle ?
I know that you can use a Processsing patch to ‘‘bypass’’ the need for a driver for the Leap Motion. Could I ever load that to an Organelle M ?

If this ever works, I’d like to create an Orac object to connect Leap Motion data to synths and samplers. However, I’m not an advanced user at all and would like to hear if someone thinks it’s possible before beginning the hard work. Fun times ahead ! Thanks in advance !

It’s possible, but I’m not sure if you can use the leap motion by plugging directly into the organelle.

Seems like you would need to plug the leap motion into a computer and then send the data to the organelle over the network.

See what everyone else is doing by googling leap motion raspberry pi