Limitations of hardware - images modes

I am very close to purchasing the ETC. I’m glad we have the ability to create our own modes and incorporate image modes. I saw a comment on another post regarding file sizes and keeping the images small so they will load quickly. What are the limitations on this in regards to the hardware specs? I’m looking at the possibility of writing a mode which would use animated gifs. I’d keep those animations very small and down to 2 or three frames each, but just wanted to know if this would even be possible or not. And probably a no on this one, but what about very short video clips?

Animated GIFs are not supported in Pygame. Someone wrote a module years ago, but it wasn’t reliable for some. You would really need to get under the hood in the ETC os and add that module to the Python build that the ETC runs (NOT the latest version of Python by the way - it runs 2.7.13 I believe).

There is no native support for video, but I’ve been toying with adding that module as well. You would need to figure out how to add the moviepy module to Python build as well.

That being said, just load discrete animation frames and play those pack sequentially … that should work fine.

Your best bet is probably unrolling the gifs into individual images (image magick is great for stuff like that) and then cycling through them on the ETC. If the images are small, you should be able to load lots of them. A full frame is 1280 x 720, so loading images into RAM at this size will use up the memory quickly (like 50 or less images). But if your image is 128 x 72, that is 1/100 the size, so you should be able to load many hundreds.

Are transparent PNG files supported?

Yes, you can include PNG files that have transparent parts.

Awesome! So, my next question - how about vector formats? SVG?

Ah sorry - I realize now I can get some of these answers from pygame documentation. SVG is possible but needs to be rastered first with librsvg. No biggie. SVG isn’t that important to me. I was merely curious about vector images.

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