Linter for Extended objects

Hi all. I just got my Organelle, and I’m excited to start trying to port some of my existing patches for it!

I wonder if there’s a tool anyone could recommend for pinpointing all of the non-Vanilla objects in a patch and documenting which library they come from?

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When you load a patch the missing objects are listed in the monitor.

Not sure if there’s a quicker way but I just use the find function in the file browser to locate all the necessary objects in the Pd-extended folder C&G posted on GitHub and then put the right objects in the patch folder:

Welcome to the cave!

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The Organelle monitor? Is that if I don’t write any messages to it?

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If you hook up a screen to the HDMI port, you can see and edit the GUI version of the PD patches. We are here talking of the PD Monitor window. Or is it simply called the PD window ?

Yes, sorry… this window (which after checking I think is called the “Pd Window”):


In this example I am missing the following objects:

  • tb_peakcomp~
  • pvu~

Good to know about this, cheers.

To me, though, it sounds like a job for Python! I wrote a wee script:

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Now includes searching of the Pd-extended path.

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