Lit ONDA keys upgrade for the Organelle

Hello Gents, so… I brought up this topic of having lit keys for the Organelle a while back. I was blown away to see the Moogfest video clip of the ONDA.
This brings me directly to my question/suggestion. Can you please engineer this to be an upgrade for the Keys of the Organelle?

is this a lame request? Am I really the only person who thinks this would be a really amazing upgrade to the Organelle???

It’s not a lame request, but I’d say it’s not really feasible.
you’d have to replace the whole main board and controller - then rewrite the controller software to support the leds.
Then who knows if the new lit keys are identical in size to fit the case.

So even if possible the upgrade price would probably be close/same as buying new.

Think we just have to wait a while and see what C&G have in store for us :slight_smile:


@Bassick Yes, unfortunately @thetechnobear is right - this isn’t a feasible upgrade for existing Organelles.

OK thanks guys. I thought it was a killer idea.

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Hey any news on “ONDA”?

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