Long Samples with reverb & resonators

Hi, I’m currently working on a project involving the sea and i’m using the Organelle for samples and effects. But i was wondering what patch (if it exists) i can use to play long samples (10-15sec perhaps in a loop or i can loop it myself with external looper) but add some reverb or other effects.

In Ableton i experimented with it and loved to add Resonators to the sound of water. So i was also wondering if there is a patch that does something like this as wel.
I love this community and i think the Shreeswifty’s ‘InvisibleCity’ & ‘NotStockhausen’ are extraordinary!

I use I take up for samples, I believe the max time is about 16 seconds, they play back as soon as you stop so you can listen to how your new sample loops.
For playback try loading your samples to the distributor patch. You can add reverb, play a sequence or hold loops.

Don’t know about resonators, luckily anything is possible with Pure Data.
Thanks to that you can also edit any patch to get things just how you’d like.


hi resonators are cool on watery sounds, or other sounds with non specific pitch… noise…
you can get a similar effect to resonators using a chorus/flange/modulated short delay (ofc chorus and flange are created with delay) and feedback, you may also add some reverb. you could also use a pitch shifter and reverb, feedback to create a resonator type effect. try the orac effect module, shimmer, which combines delay/pitchshift and feedback/reverb.
then, to kind of take off from the idea of resonator… you could use your water sounds or other samples to trigger synths using orac. you might create a signal chain where the samples play to/thru an audio to midi module, then use a note filter following this, to thin out the many notes produced by a noisy/non-specific source like water. these filtered midi notes might then trigger any synths you like. since you mention resonators, i will suggest RNGS, which can be used to make sounds similar to those produced by a resonator. i think it’s based on physical modeling of membranes or plates, which of course, resonate.


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