Looking for a band-limited triangle-wave OSC

Hi there,

Does anybody have a band-limited triangle wave OSC for PD? I’ve been working on a patch (https://patchstorage.com/bamboo-flute/) and I have only found this one sub-patch which requires a ridiculously gigantic intital-patch (22mb) to run it. Thanks!

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that is a big sub patch! it must be storing all the waveforms…

the rjdj library has a band limited triangle (s_bltriangle.pd), but looking at the abstraction I’m not sure it is actually band limited… I haven’t listened to it carefully:

if you do find something else, please post, I’ve been wondering about this myself.


Yep, storing all the waveforms is exactly what it does.

Thanks for the link. Will look into as soon I find the time. Always good to have additional abstractions :slight_smile: Will keep you posted should I find something.