Loop Rec Jam threshold not quite working properly?

I noticed that the threshold sampling on Loop Rec Jam doesn’t quite capture the start of samples, it misses the first few milliseconds, but Sampler Style Rec the threshold works as expected and it captures the samples perfectly. Is it possible to modify the Loop Rec Jam threshold to work the same as Sampler Style Rec?

Hmm, looking at this further I’m not quite sure what is going on!

So, freshly flashed SD image of 4.0, using the default Loop Jam Rec patch.
Record a 4/4 120bpm bass drum loop 4 to the floor
Sample records, but on playback the attack of the first bass drum sounds wrong, but once it loops around it sounds fine.

I looked into the PD patch for Loop Jam Rec and Sampler Style Rec and the threshold for both are set to 0.01 so my initial theory was wrong.

@chrisk or @oweno Any ideas?

To recreate just try recording a 120bpm for to the floor bass drum loop from a drum machine, every time the key is first pressed the first bass drum will sound wrong, but once it loops around it will sound correct, it is really weird.