Main Menu Screen Organelle 1

Recently I upgrade to OS 4.0 and I can’t see the Main Menu Screen as the newest version?
It is normal?
I can’t use the wifi even when i’ve followed the instruction of the manual

Did you use the disk image for the Organelle 1? (the disk image for the Organelle M will not work on the original/1)

Which USB-WiFi adapter do you have?

Hello Chrisk, finally I could resolve the Menu Screen trouble but I can’t connect, my USB-WIFI adapter is the same that the organelle 1 brought, sandisk.

Good to hear about the menu.

If your USB device says ‘Sandisk’ then it is a USB Drive for patch storage and does not do WiFi.
Please see the note at the beginning of Chapter 5. Using WiFi with the Organelle about the requirements for USB-WiFi adapters.

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Thank you very much Chrisk, it has been helpful. Now I know what adapter should i search for… :v: