MIDI Controllers (Korg, Faderfox)

Hi there,

My first post here, after having completed my first patch for the Organelle: a 4-tap delay/pitchshifter

I wonder

  • if any Organelle users out there are using Faderfox MIDI controllers with their Organelle, such as this one: http://faderfox.de/uc4.html

  • if the Korg Nanokontrol (older one) works without issues with the Organelle.


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I’ll answer the second question: Korg Nanokontrol works without a glitch. I am currently working on a patch that combines:

  • a phase vocoder that allows scanning through the sample with adjustable loop length and loop speed as well as transposition - this is controlled by the four Organelle knobs
  • two taps of pitchshifting-delay with simple granulation of delay, vibrato, and feedback with/without pitch shifting
  • very simple reverb
  • Norigrains patch converted to an abstraction with four note polyphony -> 16 polyphony pushes the CPU load up to 91% and slows the Organelle down. With four notes, CPU load drops down to 49%

The last three are controlled by Korg Nanokontrol, but norigrains is still played using the Organelle keyboard.

works like a charm. I’ll use it for a performance tomorrow.

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That sounds fantastic!
Will you be recording the performance?
Would love to hear how this sounds.

I did not record it (was a performance with dancers) but it was videotaped. I’ll share it as soon as I get the video. It went quite well.

Nice. Looking forward to have a look once you post it.
And if you ever consider to share (parts of) the patch you used, I’d love to have a peek as well.

I will definitely share it, but first I must be sure that it is complete. There are a few parts I may decide to change. I should also make a list of credits, as I plagiarized most of it from other people. Finally, I don’t know how I should share some of the abstractions I used within the main patch. Any ideas? Post them as separate patches?