Midi Guitar Pickup

I was wondering if anyone is using the Organelle with a guitar to midi pickup (Roland GK, Fishman Triple Play, or other)?. I am considering buying an organelle to process midi guitar. I use a Roland GP-10 and GK 3 pick up. The GP-10 sends midi via usb but it is configured to work with Mac or PC. I am unsure if it will work to connect the Organelle directly to the GP-10 if anyone has any thoughts it would be very helpful
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The organelle IS basically a linux computer and receives MIDI over USB as standard, so I can’t see a reason why not. Most of the problems people seem to have with connectivity stem from cheap DIN midi to USB adapters. Probably more of a question of whether the GP-10 can usually communicate with USB midi keyboards without any additional converters etc. I guess the best test is just to try it on something else similar which you have around or can try out in a store. Will it send notes to a DAW with just a standard USB cable?

The Organelle works with class compliant USB-MIDI devices. They do not require proprietary drivers.

This review of indicates that the Boss GP-10 requires a specific driver:

The GP-10’s USB port operates as an audio and MIDI interface, and Windows/Mac driver software is provided. To get MIDI data from the unit you must use a computer with its own software or MIDI interface: the GP–10 USB output is not MIDI class–compliant, and neither is there a five–pin MIDI output jack, so you can’t hook it up directly to a hardware synth.

…so using the GP-10 as a MIDI interface with the Organelle is probably not possible.

Perhaps this could be the missing link?

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Thanks a lot this was really helpful. I will look into some other options