MIDI issue W. KMI 12 steps

Hello, fairly new here but I looked and did not find any info.
did somebody figure out a way to have midi keyboard/controller KMI 12 steps working w organelleM v3.2 via usb?
it sometimes (rarely) shows up in midi devices in midi settings but even when it does, it do not send or receive any data or function in any way.

How are you connecting to the Organelle M? With a USB-A (on Organelle) to USB-B (on 12 Step) cable? If yes, can you try a different cable to rule out a bad cable?

The 12 Step is a controller, right? I’m not sure it will be ‘receiving’ any MIDI data from the Organelle.

Thx for replying
Cable is not a problem, tried different ones and all work with an axiom keyboard.
Youre right the 12steps should send only.
However, still stuck, all is cool with the controller with other devices…
Anybody experienced this ?


I sent a support ticket to KMI about this. I will let you know if they get back to me.

[ORGANELLE] -> Roland UM-ONE mk2 -> [Keith McMillen MIDI Expander] <- [12step]
I have so