MIDI notes to Elektron Analog Rytm

I made this weekend a small test to send MIDI notes to my Analog Rytm by modifying the Pow Pow’s Polybeats patch. I just plugged a simple USB MIDI interface and it worked really well :slight_smile:


This is cool - thanks for sharing!

Which USB-MIDI interface did you use?

This is a really basic USB MIDI compliant interface : http://www.sonovente.com/prodipe-hil-pro-1i1o-midi-usb-p26747.html?gclid=CLG4v43cqcwCFRDhGwodxcUO0Q#ectrans=1

I tested as well some keyboards, a Keith McMillen K-Board and a CME Xkey37. Worked perfectly :slight_smile:

I just bought a DJ-Tech Mixer One and I plan on porting Herrmutt Lobby Beatfader max4live patch to use with it. Here’s what I’m talking about https://youtu.be/T1nR29qoxcI

hey bretzel, would you like to provide this midi-mod for the community? unfortunately i don’t have any skills in pd-programming and i like that patch very much… would be great if we all could use it to control some midi gear with it. is it possible to record midi-notes from pow’s to a sequencer? thanks in advance, jan

Hey Jan
Yes, of course. I will try to do it this evening or tomorrow.
Best regards,


Thanks bretzel, I’d really like to check out the patch as well so I can try this with my Machinedrum :slight_smile:

Here it is.
For now it sends MIDI notes from 0 (the lowest C) to 23. I’m thinking of adding an octave pot.

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Hey Quentin, awesome, thank you for that midi version!

another idea/question… would it be hard to combine the polybeats patch with the sampler patch that it could sample and playback recorded samples?.. maybe the sampling section on a second aux page, opened with the low C (then there would be one less sample)…

greets Jan

Hey no problem :slight_smile: !
Actually, I saw yesterday that the official patch has been updated to send MIDI notes, with fixed velocity (100), duration (200ms) and channel (1).
Good idea for the polybeats sampler version. I think it should be quite easy. I’ll give it a try when I’ve got some time.
Best regards,