MIDI USB host with Octatrack?

My Octatrack and Analog Keys do have USB Midi.
If the Organelle has 2 USB host ports, does this means I can directly connect my Elektrons to the Organelle with a simple USB cable, to send MIDI messages?

I’m not familiar with those products, but if they act as class compliant USB MIDI devices it should work.

What happens when you connect these devices to your computer? do they appear as MIDI devices without having to install any software?

Actually (this is getting to be a bit off-topic, but still), the Octatrack doesn’t transfer MIDI information via USB - it’s DIN MIDI only, I’m afraid :frowning:

Right, I remember reading somewhere that the USB on Octatrack was for the memory card, and not MIDI. You can still connect it to the Organelle, you will just need a USB MIDI cable like this one.

You are right! The Octatrack cannot transmit MIDI over USB. I was wrong.

But the Analog Keys is able to transmit MIDI over USB from its keyboard. (though is not able to sequence MIDI). It acts as a USB class compliant device, so it should be posible to play the Organelle from the Analog Keys’ USB port

Try using the Analog four as the usb midi connection and then midi out of the Analog four to the Octatrack midi in