Mimic (borrowed) Knobs


had no idea on the last one, but these look like the 0-coast? if it is lets have jam with these two …


OH, and Bingo ! spot on :fireworks: @thetechnobear :fireworks::fireworks:

jam yep!! already cooking something with those skinny knobs ;-


he he… they looked very ‘eurorack’ , so was an easier one this month :wink:

anyway looking forward to the jam … its a lovely sound box of tricks, I can imagine all sorts of combos with the Organelle.


First of this month, maybe over cooked…
Can’t really (yet) hack into Pd patches and get ideas out; so I’m looking for OG patches that can send/generate MIDI and process audio.


this is fun
I would like an alternative set of knobs, is there a specific size they have to all be?


They are 6mm D shafts I believe. I bought these:



i like it. so i am going to order two sets of knobs i have always head about Thonk but never had cause to explore their catalog
for a few dollars why not? Did you have a hard time getting the originals off?


Happy you think like wise @shreeswifty :wink:
I do think there is a “raison d’tre” playing with and exchanging knobs of the little Organelle.
Although I wish there where more variety.

I’m sure there is a couple of ways to do it, easy and not damaging anything in the process
youtube is your friend…

But for me a Shoelace or string does the trick :wink:


thanks – i am notorious for breaking something for completely random reasons so i appreciate the shoelace tip



Np, @shreeswifty happy to help; I’m guessing your gearing up for @ TEDx and SUNY for the Organelle :wink:
Best of luck!


I actually think the original knobs feel great, but the OCD guy in me hates the encoder with a line on it so I had to swap it out and did the volume too so it wasn’t lonely. :joy:


Ooh I like this one. Y’all are crazy for ripping and swapping these knobs though.


Spring, Sun, Rain… play, setups… JOUÉ (finally arrived!!) shift things around.

So, clue for this month; its a device… brand - the rotary encoder is from another brand…
Video will be… with JOUÉ :wink: hopefully!


Last Month knobs were from…:drum: roll :

Audio interfaces/Preamp:

RME (Fireface and QuadMic)
encoder - Roland Duo-Capture Ex

I’m shifting dates so next month = tomorrow
special knobs…


April… manage to catch a bit of sun, before the rain.
Who dares to guess?


Waldorf Blofeld?


Damn those look good!!


nop…10 characters


maybe not that functional, no markings at all … miss some on Main volume.


I hear you. I can’t for the life of me find nice looking aluminum knobs. The look with the blue is just so slick!