Mix/Master Station/ Outboard Emulator Patch Idea

Now that page systems are getting better and better, it might be interesting to make a sort of emulation of the outboard gear studios use to mix and master. I imagine it could be one patch that you run a finished track through that is set up like:


I’ve looked into trying to do this using Jaffa’s o-knobs and some of the pieces of PD that do some of these things already but it’s a bloody mess and I haven’t got a thing working yet. I wonder if there’s any other interest in this. Outboard gear is REALLY expensive so having a cool patch to emulate some of it would be really useful.

what do you want to emulate, lets’s start there

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I guess I’d like one stop to run my track through a 4 band eq (probably best for the knobs), compressor (plentya these on PD already, so whichever is most versatile), something to warm up the track like a saturator or tape emulation, reverb and a versatile limiter. I was trying so each page was one of these things and then if I could get it to work I was going to see what other people would like to add as well.

I don’t have specific compressors and limiters in mind to emulate though. I could do some research and maybe see if any have code available or anything like that though.

i have been fooling with some mutli-effects units but i find many of them kind boring hence my interest in LADSPA/Lv2 for stuff that is a little more DAW friendly and since i recently grabbed a MOD-DUO pedal i am all for incorporating some of that code inside raspi/organelle to get comfy with it.

maybe we can create something that will satisfy a bunch of people’s interests. For example i just unearthed a C constructor mixing console written in PD that lets you assign x-24 tracks with a filter/reverb/delay on each channel and the ability to add about 10 “effects” i would like those to be quality LADPSAs or Vanilla code that rocks it

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A kind of mastering effect chain would be really nice to have available. Maybe a folder or audio input. A built in recorder would be great as well.

I can’t figure out how a mixing desk built on organelle would function. Maybe only 2 tracks? Or it would turn into some kind of multi channel FX looping station?

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I like it as a patch like “Final Touches” with those things and bass boost etc. just taking a track from your daw or your hardware and running it through the organelles processing before posting to SoundCloud or whatever