Mjau from Wepa!

So i just had to do this! Changed the Wepa into a MJAU from my cat. Tweeked some with the parameters to fit the sound and put in a very easy button for changeing to what ever sound you may like! WEPA-unlocked, lol
It´s my first night with pd and sweden is fucking cold, so give me some warmth !

Download at: http://patchstorage.com/mjau/#sthash.8jkDOGid.dpuf


Thanks for sharing! Your video demos on youtube have been stoking the fires of excitement for the arrival of my organelle. Super psyched, can’t wait to use all these patches.

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Hey and thanks!! Thats great :smiley: im about to release more vids with it soon but as soon as you have it its probably no point in watching them haha. No but ill do more syncing and also as soon as I have more time ill do some patchaltering videos probably. :smiley: hook me up with links if you drop stuf using organelle