MOD DUO+Dssi+LV2+Organelle+++++++

I just took delivery on the MOD DUO pedal and guess what?
there is about 25 pedals based on FluidSynth/SoundFonts for low latency instruments “Banks” for the MOD DUO.

Apparenly it runs a stripped down version of Linux as well and MAX/MSP support was just rolled out. Mypal Tom Hall works for Cycling and he says he’s loving his,

It’s pretty sturdy and sounds pretty smooth so far, but it got me thinking about DSSI~/LV2 plugins which are the children of LADSPA. I think we have driven organelle in a pretty cool spot technically considering what i am seeing from the “cutting edge” OpenSource/Hybrid Media devices. I wish we could get DSSI working properly on Organelle for the plugins but i think it’s mainly about the GUI --though i need to investigate more closely. A

ANyone out there in Organelle/Pd world using LV2 or DSSI?
I used to use Hexter and WHY Synth as discussed here briefly previously and a DSSI host called “ghostess” if we could fashion that to integrate with Pd-vanilla we might could include a ton of guitar style effects without having to worry about a Qto or some other GUI nonsense.

******I just found this!

dssi~, a Pure Data external which hosts DSSI plugins
it’s ancient but who cares
Also i see that Csound5 included some support for DSSI which may be a workaround too

I tried to build the lv2plugin~ external on mac and it requires a bunch of stuff to work
i am gong to give it a go on the raspberry and then the organelle to see what gives


Whoa, this pedal is intense.

Supposing it sounds good, it would be pretty great to kill all other pedals in lieu of one pedal to rule them all.

The price though… dear god, the price.

I know they have an insanely high price point, it’s really prohibitive. I don;t think if i had a EDU discount i could justify it but it’s sexy. I took pictures of it at the beach it’s so sexy. ahahah, J/k