Modified overloop clicking

I have modified the overloop patch to add playback speed. It turned out to be more difficult than I thought because readsf does not allow different playback speed.

I have found a workaround but unfortunately I can’t get rid of the clicks on the transition from rec/overdub and playback. clicks also happen (less) on playback transition (key 1 to 2 for example).

ups… upload not possible (because I’m a new user)…
will try later

Any thoughts?

most patches get put on patchstorage

This is something I’ve wanted in overloop! So I’m excited to see how this turns out.


most patches get put on patchstorage

Thanks. I thought patchstorage ist for finished patches. I’m looking for advice to be able to create a shareable patch.

I’m happy to share the patch with you, but I can’t upload anything. Do you know how I can be authorized to do that?


Not certain but maybe it’s because you’re a new user?


I have posted this also on patchstorage.

@Christopher this is the patch so far:
KL - Overloop (34.6 KB)

The changes I made are:
– removed input volume
– added speed control (-2, -1, -0.5 -> 0.5, 1, 2; new recording resets speed to 1)
– loops are stereo
– change polarity of footswitch (press encoder and c# or d#
– input mode: 1. mono (left in routed to left and right out; press encoder and f#) 2. stereo (press encoder and g#) 3. mute dry through signal (press encoder and a#; select first mono or stereo since it is still important for the recorded file).

it works so far, but clicks and cracks occur after using the patch for a couple of minutes. reloading the patch resolves this for a some minutes.
Is there any reason for this?


I wonder if this is related to the layering of frequencies and volume levels - especially with the speed changes? Does it do the same thing if you keep the volume relatively low? I will try it out later this evening.

So I used it for quite a while. I was expecting dramatic popping and clicking but just heard a slight click when the loop closes. you might be able to blend those last few milliseconds somehow to soften that? I’m not sure how right now. It does only play through one channel. Dual mono would be neat. Frankly I’m impressed with what you have so far and will probably use it. I’d like to try to convert this for Orac some day. This is getting closer to the looper I’ve been dreaming of.

Thanks. I’m glad you enjoy the patch.

There already is a fade in and out. I don’t think that this is the reason. The clicks & cracks I hear happen also in the middle of a loop.

You can switch between dual mono and stereo. You can also turn on and off the dry through.

First you select the input type: press and hold the encoder + f# = mono; encoder + g# stereo

Encoder + a# will mute the dry through.

Interesting that you don’t encounter the increasing clicks. Could my OS be corrupted?

I read about possible glitches if the array is not a multiple of the block size. Not sure if that could be relevant

I really love this patch, though I’m not able to activate the Stereo on my Organelle M - the input on/off & Encoder hold doesn’t work. Is this something to do with the new Organelle?

I’m glad you enjoy it.

I don’t know if this could be related to differences to the organelle M.

Are you pressing the leftmost f#, g# and a# (black keys)?
Please note that f# sets the input to (dual-)mono AND passes the input channel L to out L and R.
Same behavior for g# (stereo).
To kill the dry through signal press a#. If you press f# or g# afterwards the dry signal will be routed again to the output. You will need to press a# again to kill the dry through.

Do you press and hold the encoder when you press one of the black keys?
Please note that pressing the encoder too long will shut down the organelle. (That’s an organelle feature)

Let me know if this works.

The encoder doesn’t do anything for this patch on my M for some reason.
When I hold the encoder and press any black key (including the lower octave fsharp or gsharp), it just activates the loop stored on that key.
I tried holding the encoder very long, it doesn’t do anything either.

At the moment, the sound comes from only one channel, but surprisingly there is no click in the loops. Loops are very smooth.

I’m curious to know if anyone else with an Organelle M experiences this.
It really is a very very useful update on the Overloop, which will make me ditch my Octatrack for looping duties.