Modified overloop clicking

I have modified the overloop patch to add playback speed. It turned out to be more difficult than I thought because readsf does not allow different playback speed.

I have found a workaround but unfortunately I can’t get rid of the clicks on the transition from rec/overdub and playback. clicks also happen (less) on playback transition (key 1 to 2 for example).

ups… upload not possible (because I’m a new user)…
will try later

Any thoughts?

most patches get put on patchstorage

This is something I’ve wanted in overloop! So I’m excited to see how this turns out.


most patches get put on patchstorage

Thanks. I thought patchstorage ist for finished patches. I’m looking for advice to be able to create a shareable patch.

I’m happy to share the patch with you, but I can’t upload anything. Do you know how I can be authorized to do that?


Not certain but maybe it’s because you’re a new user?