Modulation Buses on Orac 2.0?

Can anyone help me figure out how to use multiple modulators on different mod buses? I have one LFO on mod bus 10 modulating the parameters of a synth, and I would like to use a different modulator on bus 11 for a different module. I don’t know how to tell the module which mod bus to pay attention to when I turn on mod learn, and it always goes to the first one on mod bus 10.

I tried turning on mod learn, fiddling with the modulator on bus 11, then going to the patch I want to modulate, but it still only ever learns the modulation of the LFO on bus 10.

I’ve read through the main Orac2.0 thread a few times, and haven’t found the answer yet, but apologies if I’m missing something or not using the right language! I figure it might be good to have a thread specifically for Orac2 modulation since it’s a bit tricky to grasp. If anyone else has more questions/answers/tips, feel free to add them here.

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You need to turn the modulator on bus 10 off temporarily by setting rate to 0.
( after you gave done all the mod learns you can then set the rates as you wish)


ok. similar question here… how do i assign different modulation modules (m1, m2) to control separate parameters within the same fx module (b4)?

been trying unsuccessfully for a couple hours now.

thanks :wink: