Modules compadable for Orac 2.0?

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well :slightly_smiling_face: . With Orac 2.0 out I was wondering, is there a list of compatible modules for the latest beta? I searched the other threads and downloaded a bunch of modules from the original orac and some of them would work but I experienced a lot of latency and some crashing. Is there any modules out there you guys are using or would recommend? I’m sorry if this is a bother or if it has been brought up somewhere else!

I’m a newer user and as a side note I have to say I love the support and open communication in the forums. Its one of the reasons I decided to buy the organelle!


Time is ticking… Orac 2.0 is still beta 2… give a bit more time to everyone;-)

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Oh absolutely! I am not trying to seem like I’m rushing anything or anyone. Orac 2 with the “stock modules” is so fun it’s consuming all of my free time :grin: I was just curious to see if I was out of the loop on something cause I’m relatively new to all of this! :sweat_smile:

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Welcome to the forum!

Check out the Orac 2.0 thread. There’s some modules that have been made for it already. And, others have discussed a bit about what it might take to convert modules from 1.0 :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’ll try to sort this or a bit more when I’m back.

The changes from 1.0 for compatibility purposes are trivial - 5 mins top.
Then there are a few things developers can do to use new features - like use the common sample location - that takes a little more but there is example code that can be used, so not too difficult


Perfect, thanks! I’ll check it out now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds good man! I’m trying to learn the basics of PD so i can be a bit more useful on my end. I hope superbooth is going well! :grin: