Modules for the Orac

These are all fantastic @WyrdAl, thanks so much for sharing man.

The humanized ‘clockswing’ module is fantastic. Can I feature request? :slight_smile: Aux button for global clock start/stop?

Going to work on another conversion of my own this week, we’ll see if it works. Sampler Style REC. :crossed_fingers:

amazing stuff! these are fantastic!

Yep suggestions are welcome! I can give that a try next update.

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@wo3 - really loving both DUST and TITAN modules here, ty so much for making these! Something I noticed:

I have loaded Polybeats, TITAN, DUST, Space Delay (in 1x10 modules 0, 1, 2, 3)

After making a new preset, switching back to “Default” preset, and then coming back to the saved one, DUST seems to disappear from the m2 slot and the module no longer passes audio.

Not sure if this is to do with the DUST module, or orac itself. Repeating the same process with a couple other modules did not yield the same result. On the other hand it IS similar to something I encountered previously, (already reported in ORAC bugs) with a completely different set of modules. In any case I wanted to note the issue before I forget exactly what I was doing when it happened (and really, mostly so I can have a record of it to be able to retest with 1.1 beta.

Anyway I am guessing not much will happen with updating modules until the orac update but just in case this is helpful to someone at any point, it’s documented now :slight_smile:

We converted C&G Additive Synth to the Orac. Added ADSR page, and added dynamic cpu control so it behaves better in the orac environment. still very cpu heavy so it will definitely lag if you run it with other expensive synths and samplers. But effects and sequencers seem fine. We even tested two running together and it was working well.

Patchstorage Link

reminder, this is the organelle specific zip called a .zop, to minimize issues. put this (or upload this) in the patches folder. than scroll to it on the organelle and install!*

also here’s the .zip (10.5 KB)


Another C+G conversion from us :slight_smile: . This one is of Rhythm Delay+Distort. The Polybeats function is gone and any incoming notes trigger the delays and distortions. Notes are modulated into the 1-24 range and trigger the 12 delays and 12 distorts. 1-12 are delay bursts ranging in length(1 is the shortest, 12 longest), 13-24 are distortion bursts with various intensities.

So the Idea is that you can send any kind of sequencer to this module and then a sound form a parallel sequence. Or in serial it behaves as an effect triggered by the incoming note based sounds.

patchstorage link!


yes yes yesssssssssss! i wanted to try this myself but couldn’t figure it out :smiley:

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My first port, I’ll wait for Orac 1.1 for a patchstorage release. I still need to find out how to package these modules.

May I present: A port of the Roganelle by @fuurthur

Beware: It’s a CPU hog. I should be compatible being loaded multiple times, but I couldn’t test. I don’t have OSC Proxy set up and the organelle can only handle one instance at a time.


Obviously when over committed and time poor the best thing to do is spend a couple of hours making a new Organelle patch!

I put the meadowphysics external into an Orac module basically

other people did all the hard work - I just wired it up. If you have a grid and an Organelle and Orac you can find it here


Thanks you that’s so cool !!

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Thanks for this, looking forward to getting to use it, had some trouble installing though.

i think segmenti would be really useful as an orac module. i want to try but i would not be sad if someone else beat me to the punch =)

What were your troubles? I must admit, I didn’t really test that part. I just uploaded the orac module folder.

The package didn’t unzip into the main patches or orac folder as usual. I tried it a couple places, using the browser (organelle.local) and on the organelle, though I don’t remember if I tried just using the file system on the usb drive… I got called away and never got the chance to circle back.

I suppose I can use it as an opportunity to start looking @technobear 's docs to figure out how to convert and package patches for Orac… just had too many irons in the fire to dedicate time properly. I’ll let you know if I manage to get it set up.

Mostly just wanted to give you a heads up! Also that patch is amazing, great choice.

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Whoa, thank you! Looking forward to installing it! (I hope it works with my older grid 64 so I can use the 128 with norns at the same time) :smiley:

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Meadowphysics probably will I think - although the rules options live in the right side

Kria or white whale certainly won’t. I’ve figured a scheme for making Kria work with Orac but now I find myself thinking of porting the newer ansible version - these externals are from the Aleph code. I like the Ansible versions better - although TBH both meadow physics have their strengths. The newer Kria is just better :slight_smile:

Whitewhale is pointless without what ever @thetechnobear is going to do for modulation busses - it’s all about modulation. So I’ll wait for 1.1 before even considering that (& no promises - if someone is thinking of making it work don’t let me stop anyone)


I may have accidentally ordered a Norns myself and am going to run into the same issue (although I don’t even have a second grid of any size) - sadly I can see the day coming when I buy another…

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(Not sure if this is the right place to post this)

When using the U-chorder module, has anyone else noticed the click that happens at the point the chord transitions to the next?

I think it only happens if the amount of notes is set higher than the amount of chords.

Thanks for the feedback! I will upgrade and properly package the module when Orac 1.1 is released. I’ll probably do a few more modules when I get the time and 1.1. Because the Organelle is portable and handy it may become my main synth.

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