Modules for the Orac


@Wannop yes, for sure!


Ahhhh I see got it, I just had to adjust the in/ out gain. I’m having no problems but I look forward to seeing those updates :slight_smile:


Hi @WyrdAl, thanks you so much for your very cool modules.
I’m sorry but I don’t get how audio2midi works : do you have a small explanation ?

Thanks !


Audio2Midi uses pd’s built in ‘fiddle~’ pitch estimator, which I believe looks for the biggest sinusoid component. The fiddle~ help file has more explanation of how it works.


@junklight Is your ansible/kria module for orac still in the plan?

Thanks again for your work on meadowphysics— I’m new to organelle and grid and have been having so much fun!


Hi. Yeah. Life became complicated for a while (not least having a cardiac arrest & a heart bypass ) but all settling down again after moving house & career readjustment.

I’ve ported Kira to lua for the Norns. Next step is lua external for PD that provides similar grid environment to Norns. I’m expecting that bit to be straight forward TBH. Bear with me a little while longer & I will get to it :slight_smile:


Oh & some one has ported ansible meadow physics to lua too so that should work as well…


Take care @junklight !


Oh! Yeah, life comes first for sure. Glad to hear that you’re on the mend and there’s a rhythm resuming.

Really looking forward to it, but plenty to keep me/us occupied in the meantime.