Morphagene Re-write


Prepend is your friend


btw new Octatrack MK1 OS with probability trigs just released.


oh tight, i am going to update that tonight




The probability trigs rule.

Nearly there with this Midi Division version -
I clearly misunderstood the behaviour of [trigger bang bang bang] though, it bangs from right to left - but it does send all of the bangs after receiving just one. I want to be able to bang from right to left only once after receiving one bang.

bang bang bang. can you help, organelleworld?


Okay so I’m still working on a version with everything I want in it but HERE is a minutely modified version which is ok for me in the meantime. Maybe someone else will like it.

  • This one runs off MIDI BPM only, of which the value is quartered because… it sounds better. (In a later version this will be a toggle between a bunch of different divisions)
  • It has audio monitoring so you can hear what you are sampling. (Going to make this a toggle later probably)
  • Sample-in is cut out by default - hold key 83 (last key) to allow audio to enter the stream.
  • Still have to hit key 60 (first key) to start the sequence playing.


I got some ace sounds from it! all your efforts seem to have paid off.


Nice one dude, thanks! hyped to check this version out and the looming ‘tempo divisions’ is a cool function to throw in :slight_smile:


Just played with the quartz version of the patch – I think I’m in love.

● Quarter-note division is a good demo of how nice the (crosses fingers) tempo division function will be.
●Monitoring function with a toggle would be lovely.
●Utterly LOVE the use of 83 as a momentary sample switch. Had quite a bit of fun looping (Pigtronix Infinity Looper) a bit of guitar, sampling a chunk, erasing the pedal loop (but maintaining it on the organelle), and then bringing the old loop “back to life” as it were while playing around with new themes.

Ace work!


:slight_smile: All credit to shree (+iquestionhard!). Going to use foot pedal as momentary sample-in as well as 83 cause that makes more sense, people are gonna have their hands busy when sampling. The beat divisions will be controllable with different keys for each - (I have struggled so much to work out a multi-toggle I’m giving up on that, haha. Maybe I’m just thick.) makes it more playable and dynamic this way anyway so that’s a win. I’d like to have momentary presets sent to the reverb and filters with buttons too but that’s more complicated and will be later on.


this is getting good.

link me the current one whenever



Dude, you’re becoming a Pd guru! :slight_smile:



I am definitely no guru!
Here is the version with the bpm divisions added.

  • First key starts/stops sequence still
  • Hold last Key or footswitch to momentarily open the audio gate for Sampling. Sampling begins when gate is open and sound input is detected.
  • Keys working inwards from the last key on the bottom row send new values to a bpm divider, they divide by Half, Quarter, Sixth, Eighth, Sixteenth.
And that’s it for now but I use this patch a lot so I’ll prob try to do more including those effect presets which i think will be really fun (hopefully i will eventually learn more than the absolute basics it took to do this)


Whoops, I’ll do this tomorrow. Sorry to flood with incomplete versions - probably not very helpful to peoples ‘patch managment’


I’m envious of your progress with Pure Data actually. One of these days, I swear, I’ll sit myself down and start contributing rather than simply making demands.

That said…

I love what you did with the slice interrupt buttons – presenting the user with a quick notification as to what has changed. Would something similar be possible with the BPM dividers?

Maybe that’s a good place to start modifying existing Pure Data patches? As much as I love many of these module emulations, their effects on the audio are not always readily apparent… so without some notification for the user that a button has actually done something, I’m often unsure as to whether my actions are having any effect at all!


Are you not getting anything on the screen to tell you the changes? I have that in my current version - thought it was the one I posted :open_mouth:
Also the slice interrupt stuff was @iquestionshard
Edit: Yepp, onscreen feedback for divisons working perfectly well for me over here. Can you double check @rattykins ?


Also I think tweaking stuff that is already out there is a great way to get to know PD, I’m still pig ignorant to most things to do with the environment but I think I will learn more this way - just because it’s more fun to play with something that already makes sounds than to stress for hours writing something from scratch before it ever makes an interesting toot.


Apologies! Must have had the version mislabeled – clock divisions look GREAT!

Overview of Organelle Patches Wiki

I really like this patch !
However I noticed that when you switch a page, the knobs won’t come to the actual value of the new page, and it creates some sudden jumps. Would it be possible to change this behaviour?


Not my patch originally actually - im sure it’s possible to do that though. I’m not very good at pd, but I’ll look.