MOTH-7; Environmental Research Vessel

Update on MOTH-7!


generative sequenced environmental research vessel. MIDI sync enabled.

-first run boot sequence
:follow guide + questions and press AUX to continue
:setup values stored in a [text]
-standard boot
:init all settings
:flash colors randomly to check chaos integrity
:first aux will integrate chaos

–press notes together to latch harmonics into the melody possibility network.
–press AUX to progress to new territories across MOTH-7.

knob 1 : tempo :: MIDI sync and free running clock. Stops when below 5

knob 2 : great wave :: crossfade between rhythmic sampler and pulsing harmonic waves

knob 3 : depths :: volume and saturation of low frequencies

knob 4 : heights :: volume and saturation of high frequencies

updates ::
added synth bass drum synth
updated chaos core
probability and density modifications
changed great wave control to crossfade


Kyle’s patches are stellar. Someone sent me one in a folder to make for Organelle and we met that way. “primordial empire” is the BETA version of this masterpiece. We share a love for fractal/chaos theory and it really is well suited to a device where every parameter is not really worth tweaking as much as letting the math do that work for you.

Back in the mid 1990s there was a company called SSEYO --the cole brothers and Brian Eno stimulated me to buy my very first computer program “KOAN” which has morphed [pardon the pun] into

Kyle’s work evokes memories of that and i can’t wait to try this


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I love this patch. Thank you! Just wanted to to say that.


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