Mt-delay (Monotron Delay)

Posted a Monotron Delay patch on Patch Storage:

– jkandzi (for making the pd patch “Monotone Delay” and posting code on github)
– Shaun Yodelayheehoo (for posting it on Facebook and adding some bangs)
– Korg (for the lovely and dirty Monotron Delay)

Check out the iOS app (“Monotone Delay”) which utilises the pd code.

Will add ability to play the pitches using the keyboard in the next revision. For now, hit a key to turn the gate on / off and turn the pitch knob to model the touch strip. The knob assignments are all shown on the display.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Thanks for keeping at it, very inspiring!

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New update on patch storage:

  • mt-delay can now be played via maple keys
  • menus have been simplified
  • pitch knob is now a ratio of midi notes
  • added some noise just like the monotron delay

A much more usable instrument now I reckon. Enjoy! :smiley:


Thanks, that’s really great ! Very cool stuff, it sounds so good and remind me the feeling of my regret gear.
If I’m allowed, I nevertheless have a suggestion : on the original monotron delay the LPF is placed before the delay which allows the filter’s frequency movement to be “recorded” by the delay’s feedback.
Beside that, I notice that the sound of the synth is barely audible compared to the noise of the delay.

is it possible to fix those two things ?

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