Mutable Instruments Grids on Organelle

You are a genius! This will open up for a a a whole new world on a magic music carpet!

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I can’t take any credit here… Olivier Gillet wrote the original code and Henri David did the heavy lifting when he created the Max external. All I had to do was figure out how to port that external to Pure Data. I looked at a few examples from the following book to help me understand how externals differ and relate in Max and Pure Data:

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Hey good work! :))

i think it doesn’t work the Mother-desktop.pd …patch!?

btw… is it possible to clone even the clouds module by mutable instruments?

It works fine on any computer, but you’ll need to compile the external for your platform. The zip file contains only the compiled external for arch Linux (organelle).

The GitHub repo has an Xcode project for compiling on OS X, but you’re on your own for Windows.

Clouds is also open source, so it is possible in theory… Should be quite a challenge… But if someone with the right skills is properly motivated, it is possible. I don’t think I’m up to task, at least not until I learn more…

This is awesome, thanks for figuring this out! I noticed in your zip that the samples are .pd files. If I wanted to swap out samples, how would I go about doing that/converting another file format to .pd?

The pd files aren’t samples, they are drum synth voices created by Andy Farnell.

If you want the sequencer to trigger recorded samples, you’ll need to modify main.pd accordingly. The sampler style patch from Critter & Guitari should give you all you need (or, since this something I want as well, wait a couple days or weeks and I should get around to it as time permits).

Try this one. Replace the main.pd file with the attached version and add sampler-voice.pd (adapted from C&G Sampler style patch).

Then, you’ll need to add three wav files called bd.wav, snare.wav and hats.wav to the same directory.
main.pd (5.6 KB)
sampler-voice.pd (1.9 KB)


Awesome, thanks so much! I’m going to learn PD eventually, just don’t have the time at the moment. Swapping things around is well within my realm of capabilities. Cheers!

nice! now if only we could get clouds on the organelle :wink:


You guys don’t ask for much, do you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll have to watch some demo videos for clouds, because at the moment I’m not really motivated to take that on.

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Thankyou for this, i downloaded your grids patch but didn’t realize it had been adapted for samples - was wondering about this possibility and can’t wait to try it!

I too would really love a clouds patch

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Great job on the grids patch, I’ll definitely be checking it out when my organelle arrives :slight_smile:

Did you look at Clouds in the end? Would be killer to have something along those lines in Organelle :wink: Hoping to start to learn PD when I get some time and maybe eventually be able to look at doing this kind of stuff myself… Feels kinda overwhelming for now tho!

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Hey everyone,
I’m glad the PD Grids external is so popular; however I I feel obligated to let you know that I have no immediate plans to work on a Clouds external, nor have I looked into determining if such a thing is even possible.


there is a “granny” external that Bill Orcutt wrote which was a linux version of the famous Max Patch that is certainly as good as “Clouds” is on Euro. i have to find it and i’ll try to share the contents


That sounds wonderful.

hey can you explain to me how to understand and deploy the pages idea in a patch. i still get crosstalk and bleed between pages and i would really like to know how to conquer this so all my patches can develop

I think I’ll start a new topic to answer this, since it might be of
interest to others as well.

It might be useful to develop a more generalized strategy. Instead of just
describing what I did in this case, I could make subpatches that take care
of this for any given patch.


i actually continued to research and someone posted a pagination/demux helper and that has worked perfectly for me
now i can finally start getting into some complex instruments :-)!