Navalha ))Dual Sample Sequencing Slicer for organelle~!

New Rhythmic Sample Slicer BETA!


btw when my patreon reaches 300$ patches get released to everyone after a week :slight_smile:

Demo vid/full info?

some info on the source page:

yes. I updated the Razor for it to work and built the menus and recompiled the the externals so they work on Macintosh [for design] and linux 32 bit of course for organelle. I literally have 100s of these written by myself and others and i try to leave the original files in the folders for others to run them on desktops or design on their own. Usually i spend 10-20 hours per patch updating, modifying and preparing it for the book for cross platform. So to be clear when you are supporting the patreon you are supporting the time spent, the research towards the book and of course the joy of running the patch that in this case is 9 years old! Which is kind of short compared to some patches that are over 15 years old :slight_smile:

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