Need Help with PD! Combinig two Patches

Hello there,

I tried to combine the Sampler Style Patch with the TheryScary Patch, specifically it’s background loop feature.
I want to trigger Samples, while there is a background loop running. Using the reverb for the samples but no need to modify the samples in this.

So I copied the background object + files into the Sampler patch/folder and modified the patch accordingly (at least what I thought), deleted the sample speed function to have place for Loop Vol on knob 1. The sampler works fine and the screen shows Loop Vol increase/decrease when turning knob 1 but the background loop doesn’t start.
I tried the same thing the other way around. Copying parts of the sampler patch into the TheryScary patch, deleting the theremin but it’s the same result. Samples playing, no background loop.

It’s not the background file, as it works fine in the original TheryScary patch.

Other possibility would be to create the loop manually and trigger it as sample with the Sampler Style patch. Problem is, that it only plays for 1 minute or so eventhough the file contains a 5 minute loop. I guess samples can only be so and so long at the Sampler Style patch right? Also the reverb would affect the loop.

What am I missing? I’m using Pd-0.48-0 on mac. I hope someone can help!

Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,