New C&G Organelle Patches

Another great patch. There goes my Saturday afternoon hehe

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Kudos to the Organelle team again.

A quick question for the coders:
How difficult is midi syncing a patch like this?

Which is to say: I generally clock to a TR8 with sequencers and a Pigtronix Infinity looper. After the footswitch is pressed, the looper waits until the next “beat” (definable in software; I currently use quarter notes) until starting/ending a loop, ensuring the recording is in time…

Presumably this could be applied to most of the Organelle patches which loop or record with an aux sequencer… any thoughts?



Another superb patch,great fun,thanks again guys,can’t seem to put my organelle down at the moment,so much fun in such a small box.

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I like Overloop a lot, tweaked it to have longer delay time to 6000 ms for ambient drones.
However, (I’m still learning how to use PD properly), I’ve got a question regarding the recorded files, they are all mono, right?
to record true stereo files, would that be enough to specify the number of channels in the writesf~ object, or is there also a linking to do with Left and Right input?

Thanks for your help,

Children Of Sample and I take up
Could also benefit from a visual cue like this
I may have to finally really take that PD plunge

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New Patch! CA Filter

CA Filter is a 15-band filter controlled by a generative algorithm called Elementary Cellular Automata (CA). Send the patch an audio signal and dynamically filter your sound: as the CA generates, the 15 audio bands are individually turned on or off. The CA has 256 ‘rules’ that create graphic patterns which are shown on the Organelle screen.

Get it from


Thanks @chrisk and the c&g team for continuing to push the boundaries of this machine – technically and conceptually – with every patch!

Brilliant! Gives me an idea… first Pd wizard to get Tetris working on the screen wins a prize! :smiley:


Very lovely sound

Damn the reverby drums sound incredible through this. Adds a groove in a really interesting way.

I’m finding the visual feedback in these newer patches really useful. Doesn’t need much but for me, a little goes a long way


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…you got it:

New! Segmenti
Segmenti records a sample, slices it up 24 ways, and assigns a slice to its respective Organelle key (1-24). Download & more info:


And there goes my day off work🙂 Thanks to all at c&g, another fantastic patch.

funny - I was intending to make a patch that did exactly this after being immersed in the new Jon Hassell record. (I used to do this technique back in the day with puredata)

Fantastic timing - and loving the use of graphics on the display!

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You guys are on fire :slight_smile: really nice one !

segmenti is so fun!
cut up some of this stuff with it today:


Lovving the paintjob on the nanokontrol! :slight_smile: Did you take it apart to do this?

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Loving these new patches the immediacy is brilliant. Thank you.

Would it be a big task to implement ping-pong playback of the slices rather than a forward loop? I find it often makes short loops more organic.

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yep it was SUPER easy. took like an hour. highly suggested cuz shit is UGLY these days. haha.